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Work starts on sports and aquatic centre Upgrade

Albert Park residents will see preparatory on-site works commence over the next week as part of the stage two development of the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
The Minister for Commonwealth Games, Justin Madden, said the early works by Major Projects Victoria signalled the start of the development to add a second 50-metre event pool at the Centre in readiness for the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
Other features of the redevelopment include the creation of a sports house, a second hydrotherapy pool and easier car parking and access to the Centre.
The early works include site preparation and minor traffic works in Aughtie Drive, the Lakeside carpark and within the Centre precinct.
“The contractor is expected to take about eight weeks and during this time builders will be called to tender for the project,” Mr Madden said.
The successful bidder should be announced by the end of the year and construction is expected to start in early 2004.
Preparatory on-site works include:
Demolition of the gym and rear of the former Distance Education Centre building;
Removal of trees to accommodate early works;Minor civil road works including:
widening of the MSAC access road onto Aughtie Drive (up to 10 days); and
roundabout works at Lakeside car park requiring temporary traffic management arrangements for up to three weeks.“All these actions were outlined during the Advisory Committee hearings last year and local residents and council have now received written advice about the preparatory works,” Mr Madden said.
“It’s regrettable that some mature trees must be removed but I stress that significant mature plantings will occur around the expanded project site and within Albert Park.
“More than 300 trees will be planted in suitable locations determined in consultation with Parks Victoria.
“Any tree that’s removed will be replaced on a two-for-one basis within Albert Park. Extra plantings along Canterbury Road will provide added screening of the venue.”
Member for Albert Park, John Thwaites, said he was pleased with progress to establish a project Community Consultative Committee (CCC) with resident, council and stakeholder representatives.
“The committee is chaired by Des Bethke – a board member of the State Sport Centres Trust (SSCT) – and will be an avenue to provide two-way feedback and information-sharing throughout the project,” he said.
Mr Thwaites said the CCC met for the first time last week.
The CCC will review and be able to comment on a draft Construction Management Plan and Operational Environmental Management Plan for the project.
The SSCT and Major Projects Victoria advise that users of the Centre facilities should experience minimal disruption during construction.
Further information about the project is available at