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Public consultation process begins for the Commonwealth Games village

Members of the community will have the opportunity to have their say on the development of the Commonwealth Games Village in Parkville, with the formation today of an independent planning Advisory Committee.
The Minister for Commonwealth Games, Justin Madden, said the Committee would call for written submissions next month, followed by public hearings to be held in May.
“The Advisory Committee must provide a report to me by 20 June with advice on a broad range of environmental, design, transport, planning and heritage issues relating to the Games Village development,” Mr Madden said.
“The Games Village development will create an important legacy for Victoria, including providing future social housing for 200 households and $15 million worth of environmental initiatives.”
The Commonwealth Games Advisory Committee (Games Village) members are Ms Helen Gibson (Chair), Ms Ann Keddie, Mr Jim Webber and Dr Brian Robinson.
Ms Gibson (Chairperson) is currently the Chief Panel Member for Planning Panels Victoria. She is a planning lawyer, and has a strong background in assessing a broad range of planning and environmental effects of development proposals.
Ms Ann Keddie (Member) is a practising architect, a former member of the Heritage Council, and has extensive experience dealing with design and planning issues including housing and community projects.
Mr Jim Webber (Member) is a consultant with extensive experience in planning, transport urban design, community consultation and project management.
Dr Brian Robinson (Member), the former head of the Environment Protection Authority, has extensive experience with environmental issues and has been the Chair and Convenor of various environmental committees over the past 25 years.
“These committee members have been selected for their knowledge and their considerable experience in planning and project management,” he said.
Mr Madden said more information on the consultation process would be sent to local residents in the next few weeks.