Australian Synchrotron


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The Australian Synchrotron is one of the most significant pieces of scientific infrastructure built in Australia and provides breakthroughs in important research such as cancer treatment.

The Australian Synchrotron project delivered a vital component of Australia’s enabling research and business infrastructure, enhancing the State’s and the nation’s capacity for ground-breaking research in key areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.

A synchrotron is a large, circular, megavoltage machine with a vast, circular network of interconnecting tunnels and high tech apparatus.

Synchrotrons use electricity to produce intense beams of light, and are used in areas such as materials science, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, the environmental sciences, and micro-manufacturing.

Major Projects Victoria was responsible for the project delivery and once construction was completed, the facility was handed over to the commercial operator, Australian Synchrotron.

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