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Moving Pool Floor 10th Birthday Gift For MSAC

A $4million competition pool floor that can raise to the surface is the Bracks Government’s 10th anniversary gift to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) Minister for Sport and Recreation James Merlino announced today.
Making the announcement on the eve of MSAC’s 10-year anniversary, Mr Merlino said MSAC would be the first facility in the southern hemisphere with a movable floor in a pool this size.
“The Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre has been the premier aquatic facility in Victoria for a decade now, hosting some of the world’s most prestigious water events and providing a top-class community facility for a wide range of sport and recreational activities,” Mr Merlino said.
“The outdoor 50-metre pool, which was recently the showpiece setting for the FINA World Championship water polo competitions, will be fitted with a state-of-the-art moveable pool floor to increase opportunities for families to enjoy using the pool with added safety benefits.”
Mr Merlino said the moveable pool floor would be constructed from polypropylene and would be easily adjusted to different depths by a combination of hydraulic and pulley systems.
“Decreasing the depth of the competition pool from its current 2.8 metres will improve access for a greater number of patrons – especially families and children – by transforming a pool generally used for competition, to a pool suitable for leisure aquatic activities,” he said.
“The new floor will open up opportunities to expand learn to swim programs, and will conserve energy used to heat the pool. It will also be able to raise to the surface and act as a heat blanket to minimise loss of water through evaporation.”
The moveable pool floor will be purpose built in Europe then shipped over to Melbourne for installation next year.
Mr Merlino said the pool floor is being funded through dividends from the 2006 Commonwealth Games, in yet another legacy showing how the state’s major events provide significant ongoing community benefits.
“This is further evidence that the Bracks Government is delivering on its commitment to helping all Victorians lead healthier lifestyles by offering improved opportunities to become involved in sport and recreational activities,” Mr Merlino said.
Tonight’s 10-year MSAC anniversary will be marked with the announcement of an MSAC Hall of Fame as well as awards to the male and female athlete of the decade and a volunteer of the decade.