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Kew Residential Services project gets the green light

Residential density on the former Kew Cottages site will be substantially reduced and open space maximised under revised redevelopment plans approved by the Minister for Planning, Rob Hulls. Under the new plans, nearly a third of the site will be landscaped open space, the existing avenues of trees and other ‘heritage’ vegetation in pocket parks and road reserves will be retained, and more than half the site will remain in public ownership. Mr Hulls said the developer had opted for quality over quantity. “The revised plan shows how a working partnership between the State Government, local council, developers and the community can provide a satisfactory outcome for everyone.” “The revised plans show how appropriate accommodation and support of people with a disability can be integrated into a new residential precinct while still addressing heritage, community and environmental considerations.” The residents will live in ‘friendship’ groupings in large, single-level community houses on large lots. The lots will be located on residential streets with family homes of comparable density and scale, rather being surrounded by higher density housing. The wider Kew community will also benefit from a new recreation complex to be constructed and funded by the developer, Walker Corporation. Although a Heritage Victoria permit was granted to demolish three buildings last year, the revised plans will require a new heritage application before work in the project’s later stages can commence. “While I recognise that new heritage permits will be required, I am keen for this project’s first stages to get underway as soon as possible,” Mr Hulls said. “The Government is looking forward to achieving an outstanding outcome on this important site.”