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Kew Cottages nets an additional $10 million for disability support

The Minister for Major Projects David Hodgett announced today that an agreement has been reached between between Major Projects Victoria and the Kew Development Corporation.
This is a positive and necessary step to allow the Kew Development Corporation to progress its development plans.
The site was set aside for new residential development following the Kennett Government’s closure of the former Kew Cottages congregate care facility for people with a disability.
The new development now integrates 20 community homes, which accommodate 100 residents with disabilities in a high quality residential estate.
This agreement means that all residents at Main Drive Kew estate can be certain that the work that commenced more than a decade ago is now well progressed and approaching completion.
Minister for Disability Services and Reform Mary Wooldridge announced that the agreement at Kew includes an additional $10 million to support disability services across Victoria.
The funding boost has been made possible by an agreement to alter the original plans, including a decision to use existing local recreational facilities rather than developing new ones that were potentially not financially viable.
‘In recognition of the former Kew Cottages, it is fitting that the proceeds from this agreement are re-invested into disability services,’ Ms Wooldridge said.
Ms Wooldridge acknowledged Parliamentary Secretary for Community Services, Andrea Coote, for her hard work over three years to achieve this outcome.
‘Ms Coote has spent several years working with all the key stakeholders involved in this development, including residents with a disability and their families, to achieve the best possible outcome for people with a disability,’ Ms Wooldridge said.
The Napthine Government continues to close outdated institutions, recently announcing the closure of Sandhurst Residential Centre and the Oakleigh Centre for Intellectually Disabled Citizens.