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Government to ensure successful lead up to games

Legislation before State Parliament will ensure vital Commonwealth Games infrastructure is completed successfully, the Minister for the Commonwealth Games, Justin Madden, said today.
Mr Madden said amendments to the Commonwealth Games Arrangements Act would enable developments including the Games Village and the Melbourne Sports Aquatic Centre to be completed without delay.
“The Bracks Government wants to ensure these facilities are developed in a way that enhances Melbourne’s sporting and urban infrastructure,” Mr Madden said.
“The Games represent a major investment by Victorians and it is important the whole community can enjoy lasting positive legacies in return.
“Victoria will be showcased to the world in March 2006 and it is vital games facilities are complete – the timeframe is not negotiable.”
Mr Madden said legislation first introduced in December 2001 was not designed to cover the full scope of Games infrastructure, as the full extent or shape of some projects was unknown at that stage.
“We now know the long term nature of these projects and it is vital these major infrastructure developments are completed without delay to ensure they are ready in time for the Games,” he said.
The amendments provide the Minister for the Commonwealth Games with the planning powers to approve planning schemes for the Games Village.
“The Commonwealth Games Village Advisory Committee will undertake public consultation on the village and I will consider its report before approving any planning schemes,” Mr Madden said.
The purpose of the Bill includes:
Broaden the purpose of the Act to link it more explicitly with post-Games developments;
Determine the Games Village Land and lift any reservations on that land;
Broaden the definition of Games facilities and
Amend definition of facilities and provide for definition of the Games Village Project including the pre-Games and post-Games components of the development.