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  • 2012-08-01 - Registrations have closed
    Registrations for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition closed 2pm AEST, 1 August 2012.
  • 2012-07-24 - Strong international interest in Flinders Street Station Design Competition

    With less than two weeks before the close of registrations, internet statistics have revealed strong interest in the Flinders Street Station Design Competition around the world, the Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine said today. 

    “Between the opening of registrations on 29 June and 17 July, the Flinders Street Station Design Competition web page has had more than 31,000 page views,” Dr Napthine said.

    “The competition Design Brief has been downloaded nearly 3,000 times while more than 1,300 people have downloaded the registration form.

    “The majority of visits to date have come from Australia (4,691) followed by the United States (601), the United Kingdom (424), Spain (180), Germany (161), Italy (136), France (122), China (109), Canada (97) and Poland (95).

    “The bulk of visits are from within Australia where the building has the most interest, but we can assume that most of the people visiting from overseas are doing so because they are considering entering the competition,” Dr Napthine said.

    Dr Napthine said although the exact number of registrations cannot be revealed for probity reasons the Victorian Coalition Government was delighted with the response so far.

    “Our aim was to run a competition with international appeal and I think on the basis of these statistics we can say we are well on our way to achieving that goal,” Dr Napthine said.

    By making the first stage one where broad design concepts are called for, the competition is made more accessible to a wider range of designers.

    “Architectural competitions are a great way for new and emerging architects to get exposure so I am hoping that the high profile of the competition, the significant prize pool and the outstanding international jury will encourage them to sign up,” Dr Napthine said.

    Registrations close at 2pm (AEST) on Wednesday 1 August with Stage 1 submissions due by Thursday 20 September 2012. 
  • 2012-06-29 - Judging Panel for Flinders Street Station Design Competition announced

    A jury of prominent people, including MasterChef star George Calombaris and
    international urban planning expert Caroline Bos, have been appointed to
    judge the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

    Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine today announced the members of
    the jury along with the opening of registrations for the prestigious
    international design competition.

    “I am delighted with the depth and range of qualifications and experience
    we have on this jury,” Dr Napthine said.

    “I am confident they will select a winning design that will preserve what
    we already love about Flinders Street Station and further realise the
    site’s unique potential.”

    The Flinders Street Station Design Competition jury includes:

    • Victorian Government Architect Professor Geoffrey London (jury chair)
    • Renowned urban planner Professor Rob Adams
    • Internationally acclaimed urban planner Caroline Bos
    • Restaurateur and television presenter George Calombaris
    • Lawyer with expertise in property and infrastructure John Curtis
    • Award winning Melbourne-based architect Cassandra Fahey
    • Heritage architecture expert Peter Lovell
    • Transport expert Gillian Miles                                     

    “We have worked hard to get the right mix of jurors to cover off the key
    objectives of the competition: preserving the station’s heritage features;
    improving its transport function; integrating the station with its
    surrounds; and developing its underutilised areas,” Dr Napthine said.

    “The jury will evaluate all entries to choose the best ideas to upgrade,
    restore and re-invigorate this iconic building and fully explore the
    opportunities the whole precinct presents.

    “The Victorian Coalition Government wants to attract the best and brightest
    ideas from across the globe and this jury will help us do that,” Dr
    Napthine said.

    Dr Napthine said registrations for the competition would open today and
    close on August 1, while applicants could begin submitting their initial
    designs from August 9.

    “This is an open competition and anyone who is interested can access the
    registration documents on Major Projects Victoria’s web site at
    www.mpv.vic.gov.au, ” Dr Napthine said.

    “For the first stage of the competition we are calling for broad,
    conceptual designs. The jury will then meet in October to evaluate these

    “The next stage will see shortlisted applicants develop their ideas in
    detail with the final submissions due midway through 2013.

    Dr Napthine said the Victorian public would also have an opportunity to
    provide feedback on the final shortlisted designs.

    “This will be in the form of a People’s Choice Award vote. The Coalition
    Government wants to give all Victorians a chance to have their say on the
    future of the station precinct,” Dr Napthine said.

    “We are calling for the most creative and innovative ideas to re-imagine
    this iconic building and the entire precinct around it. Some of these
    designs may challenge us and I think we will need to have an open mind to
    fully appreciate the opportunities the competition presents,” Dr Napthine

    The key competition dates are:

    •  Registration period: Friday 29 June to Wednesday 1 August 2012.
    • Stage 1 of the competition: Thursday 9 August to Thursday 20 September 2012 – followed by assessment and short listing.
    • Stage 2 of the competition: Tuesday 23 April 2013 to Thursday 4 July 2013 – this stage will be preceded by technical briefings and workshops for short listed entrants.
    • People’s Choice Award: After the completion of Stage 2, short listed entries will be made available for a public vote.
    • The winning design, place-getters and people’s choice award will be announced later in 2013.



  • 2012-03-26 - Key objectives for Flinders Street Station revealed

    Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine today revealed the Victorian Coalition Government’s vision for a potential revamp of Flinders Street Station precinct with the release of the design competition’s Statement of Key Objectives document.

    Dr Napthine said the document would give prospective applicants to the Flinders Street Design Competition a better understanding of what the Coalition Government wanted addressed through the design process.

    “Flinders Street Station is not only a Victorian icon and an important part of our history and culture; it is also one of the busiest commuter stations in the world,” Dr Napthine said.

    “This is why the Coalition Government wants to attract the best and brightest from Victoria and around the globe to submit their ideas for this exciting design competition.

    “Already we aware of a number of individuals and architectural firms that are following this competition with keen interest and this document will help those thinking of submitting an entry to begin preparing their design ideas.

    “Flinders Street Station has served as our main passenger railway station for more than 100 years. However as Victoria has grown, a number of new challenges have emerged for the station and its surrounds,” Dr Napthine said.

    Dr Napthine said these challenges include addressing:

    • the expected doubling of transport patronage in the next decade and the need to accommodate the new underground metro rail line planned for central Melbourne;
    • poor integration with surrounding precincts such as Federation Square and the south bank of the Yarra River;
    • the urgent need to restore areas of this heritage-listed building including the grand ballroom to make this magnificent asset more accessible to the public; and
    • the under-utilisation of the western end of the site and potential for new buildings and spaces.
    “The Coalition Government is looking for the world’s best ideas to upgrade, restore and re-invigorate the Flinders Street Station precinct in order to resolve these issues,” Dr Napthine said.

    “When entries open in mid-2012, we expect that the prize pool of $1 million will attract the very best ideas from across the globe to fully explore the potential of this Melbourne landmark and its precinct.”

    View the Flinders Street Station Design Competition Statement of Key Objectives document

  • 2012-02-14 - CityLab appointed as Competition Adviser for Flinders Street Station Design Competition

     Head shot of Competition Adviser Andrew Mckenzie of CityLab


    Former Architectural Review Editor-in-Chief Andrew Mackenzie of CityLab has been appointed as the Competition Adviser for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

    Mr Mackenzie has worked in the architectural industry for 20 years both in Australia and England as an architectural curator, commentator, editor, publisher and design competition consultant.

    During his nine year tenure as Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Review Australia Andrew established a new ‘ideas’ competition programme called Proposition, working across government and commercial sectors to explore architectural opportunity within challenging sites in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.
    Leaving magazine publishing in 2011 Andrew established CityLab to assist in the delivery of design competitions that are both creatively ambitious and strategically effective. Clients include Brisbane Airport Corporation, Waterfront Auckland and the Integrated Design Commission SA.

    The Competition Adviser acts as an impartial intermediary between the State, the competition jury, the Project Steering Committee and the architectural profession represented by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA). Impartiality and anonymity are important components to this competition and as such CityLab, as an independent consultancy, will be responsible for the objectivity and integrity of the process, to ensure that the interests of all participants are appropriately protected.

    More specifically, the Competition Adviser is responsible for managing activities associated with competitor and jury processes including:

    • assist in the preparation of the design brief and ensure that it comprehensively reflects the specific requirements of the project
    • assist in the resolution of the competition process
    • prepare and finalise the competition conditions
    • secure AIA endorsement of the competition
    • act as sole point of contact with potential and registered competitors throughout the competition and protect the anonymity of the submissions
    • manage all correspondence with competitors, including the delivery of competition information, questions and answers, and receipt of entries
    • in conjunction with the jury chair, perform the role of primary intermediary between the jury and the State’s project team
    • prepare the jury reports at the end of stage 1 and stage 2
    • assist in preparation of media releases relating to competitor and jury processes.
    The Competition Adviser will work closely with the Probity Adviser, Anne Dalton & Associates and the Legal Adviser.

    The Competition Adviser was appointed on 31 January 2012.

    General enquiries regarding the Flinders Street Station Design Competition are to be directed to Major Projects Victoria via email info@mpv.vic.gov.au or phone +61 3 9655 8622.
  • 2012-02-07 - Land Surveyor appointed for Flinders Street Station Design Competition

    Vekta has been appointed as the Land Surveyor for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

    The Land Surveyor will undertake the necessary additional field survey work to fill any gaps in existing data sets of the site, verify the integrity and accuracy of existing data sources and extract the necessary existing condition feature survey data that competitors will require.  

    The data will be provided to registered competitors in operable form (AutoCAD.dwg format) as a 3D wireframe and also in more traditional drawing sheet form (digital format, Adobe.pdf) with plan, section and elevation representations.

    Vekta are specialist land, engineering and aerial surveyors, providing spatial and surveying solutions to major national and international projects, consulting to a broad range of industries including property development, construction, mining, infrastructure and various levels of

    Vekta will use the latest technologies, including Terrestrial Laser Scanning and have a proven track record in working within rail environments.

    The Land Surveyor was appointed on 24 January 2012.

  • 2012-02-01 - Probity Auditor appointed for Flinders St Station Design Competition

    Pitcher Partners has been appointed as the Probity Auditor for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

    The role of the Probity Auditor is to maintain a good understanding of the competition activities in order to monitor and verify the adequacy of procedures and processes from a probity perspective.

    The Probity Auditor will work with the project team and project steering committee to oversee the activities of the Probity Advisor and Competition Advisor, review key documents and ensure the competition is carried out in accordance with generally accepted probity standards.

    The Pitcher Partners probity team comprises Geoff Walsh and Elizabeth Powis. Geoff is a highly experienced Probity Practitioner and long standing member of the Victorian Government Probity Practitioners Panel. He has been engaged on numerous significant Victorian projects to act as probity advisor and/or auditor. Elizabeth has a Masters of Accounting and has been assisting Geoff on probity engagements for 18 months.

    The Probity Auditor was appointed on 23 January 2012.


  • 2011-12-02 - Probity Advisor appointed for Flinders St Station Design Competition

    Anne Dalton & Associates has been appointed as the Probity Advisor for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

    The Probity Advisor has a key role advising the project team in relation to integrity of decision making and will work closely with the Competition Advisor when appointed. A Probity Auditor will also be appointed to verify the processes put in place have been followed.

    Anne Dalton is a highly experienced Probity Practitioner having been in practice for over 25 years and engaged by the Victorian Government on numerous projects to act as probity advisor and/or auditor. 

    Anne has just completed her 7 year term as a government appointee of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) and is a long standing member of the Victorian Government Probity Practitioners Panel (since 2002). 

    Anne has recently commenced her own consultancy specialising in probity, tendering and contracting services, having previously been a partner in two national law firms of Blake Dawson and Sparke Helmore.

    The Probity Advisor was appointed on 22 November 2011.

  • 2011-11-15 - Flinders St Station design competition to breathe new life into Melbourne landmark

    The Victorian Coalition Government’s $1 million international Flinders Street Station precinct design competition is a vital first step in the area’s restoration and revival, Premier Ted Baillieu said today.

    “We are looking for the world’s best ideas to restore and reinvigorate the Flinders Street Station precinct, including the station concourse, platforms and historic administration building and through to the Banana Alley Vaults and Queensbridge,” Mr Baillieu said.

    “This precinct calls for creative brilliance from across the globe so a Melbourne landmark site can be restored to its full potential. This competition will harness the very best ideas and help bring the precinct back to life.

    “After years of neglect, the administration building has been left derelict while access and facilities are well below an acceptable standard.

    “While the Coalition Government acknowledges that delivering a project of this scale and ambition will be costly and complex, this competition will give Victorians a winning design to guide future development.”

    Launching the competition on the roof of the station with Minister for Major Projects Denis Napthine, Mr Baillieu said the objectives of the competition included:

    • returning the station to its former glory and re-using under-utilised areas;
    • restoring and protecting the station’s heritage;
    • improving the transport function of the station, catering for future growth;
    • creating a significant civic space while allowing for a distinctive and memorable architectural outcome with a mix of uses;
    • better integrating the station with its surrounding precincts; and
    • providing a value-for-money solution.
    The Coalition Government is seeking ideas and designs that address the whole 4.7 hectare site – the administration building, the platform area and the railyards to the west – which improve the precinct as well as conditions for commuters.

    “This station and its surrounds should be better integrated with adjacent areas including Federation Square, Flinders Street and the north bank of the Yarra River,” Mr Baillieu said.

    “We see a rejuvenated Flinders Street Station as a partner to Federation Square, forming a new gateway public space for Melbourne and embracing potential major improvements to the Yarra’s northern bank and the CBD-river pedestrian routes.

    “We also acknowledge the enormous challenges attached to this project, including the conservation of the station façade and heritage values and delivering this project while Flinders Street continues to operate and expand as Melbourne’s busiest railway station.”

    Mr Baillieu also announced the panel which would decide on the competition winner. The panel will include:
    • Geoffrey London (Victorian Government Architect – panel Chair)
    • a Melbourne architect
    • a City of Melbourne planning representative
    • an architect with heritage experience
    • a representative from the Victorian Department of Transport
    • three other members (to be determined)

    Major Projects Minister Denis Napthine said Victoria had a strong tradition of design competitions for major public buildings.

    “The examples of Federation Square and the Melbourne Museum show how successful competitions can be in delivering world-class design,” Dr Napthine said.

    “Competitions attract the attention of the world’s best designers and help bring the public into the process.

    “The $1 million prize pool will help attract the very best architects and designers from here and abroad, and I expect some of the strongest ideas will come from Victorian architects who know and truly understand this magnificent but tired precinct.”

    Flinders Street Station was completed in 1910. The administration building is four storeys high, more than 250 metres long and 10 metres wide. It is partly occupied by Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) with the remaining sections of the building largely unoccupied since the 1970s.

    After years of neglect the building is deteriorating. Some parts are derelict while substantial areas do not meet building code requirements and are not suitable for occupation.

    Read the Competition Guidelines