Flinders Street Station Design Competition

Probity Auditor appointed for Flinders St Station Design Competition

Pitcher Partners has been appointed as the Probity Auditor for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

The role of the Probity Auditor is to maintain a good understanding of the competition activities in order to monitor and verify the adequacy of procedures and processes from a probity perspective.

The Probity Auditor will work with the project team and project steering committee to oversee the activities of the Probity Advisor and Competition Advisor, review key documents and ensure the competition is carried out in accordance with generally accepted probity standards.

The Pitcher Partners probity team comprises Geoff Walsh and Elizabeth Powis. Geoff is a highly experienced Probity Practitioner and long standing member of the Victorian Government Probity Practitioners Panel. He has been engaged on numerous significant Victorian projects to act as probity advisor and/or auditor. Elizabeth has a Masters of Accounting and has been assisting Geoff on probity engagements for 18 months.

The Probity Auditor was appointed on 23 January 2012.