Flinders Street Station Design Competition

Probity Advisor appointed for Flinders St Station Design Competition

Anne Dalton & Associates has been appointed as the Probity Advisor for the Flinders Street Station Design Competition.

The Probity Advisor has a key role advising the project team in relation to integrity of decision making and will work closely with the Competition Advisor when appointed. A Probity Auditor will also be appointed to verify the processes put in place have been followed.

Anne Dalton is a highly experienced Probity Practitioner having been in practice for over 25 years and engaged by the Victorian Government on numerous projects to act as probity advisor and/or auditor. 

Anne has just completed her 7 year term as a government appointee of the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) and is a long standing member of the Victorian Government Probity Practitioners Panel (since 2002). 

Anne has recently commenced her own consultancy specialising in probity, tendering and contracting services, having previously been a partner in two national law firms of Blake Dawson and Sparke Helmore.

The Probity Advisor was appointed on 22 November 2011.