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First Commonwealth Games Village Homes officially opened

The Commonwealth Games Minister, Justin Madden, today officially opened the first six completed homes in the Athletes Village in Parkville.
Mr Madden said the Village would house up to 6,000 athletes and officials during the Games and approximately 1,000 families afterwards in a benchmark inner-city suburb.
“The completion of the first homes gives an insight into what the Athletes Village will be like at Games time,” Mr Madden said.
“It also demonstrates some of the innovative social, cultural and environmental legacies being delivered through the project.”
Mr Madden said environmental sustainability was the cornerstone of the Village, with features such as:
A six star energy rating for every house;
Low energy use fittings and appliances;
Sensor lighting;
Solar hot water systems;
Rainwater collection and reuse systems and
Grey water recycling.“It’s very important to the Bracks Government to ensure this development is at the cutting edge in terms of energy efficient accommodation,” he said.
At Games time, the Athletes Village will include around 155 detached houses, 25 townhouses, 105 apartments and around 115 temporary accommodation buildings.
Approximately 15 per cent of the site will be public open space and more than 1,000 trees will be planted.
The Bracks Government is also investing $5 million to create wetlands next to the Village, to capture and treat stormwater and provide a new habitat for native flora and fauna.
Mr Madden said 11 heritage buildings from the former Royal Park Psychiatric Institute would be restored through a $5 million refurbishment and would take on a new historical importance.
“During the Games, the heritage precinct will act as a focal point, providing common facilities for athletes and officials over 25 days,” Mr Madden said. “After the Games, it will be the heart of a new residential development, offering aged and child care facilities. We are determined the Village will provide good social opportunities and facilities for the communities surrounding it after the Games.”
Mr Madden said the Athens Olympics, which he recently attended, raised the bar in terms of the quality of accommodation expected at major sporting events.
“We are working towards providing the best accommodation available for athletes at the Village, to cater for all their needs at the time of the Games, but we also want to ensure its legacy afterwards.”The Games Village is due for completion in late 2005. Parkville Gardens is a staged developed that will continue until 2015.
The XVIII Commonwealth Games will be held from 15 – 26 March 2006 and will bring together 4,500 athletes from 71 nations.