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Building music at Melbourne Recital Centre

Workers building Melbourne’s new recital centre today joined Minister for Major Projects, Theo Theophanous, and Minister for the Arts, Lynne Kosky, in the centre’s first musical performance.
Today’s Hard Hat concert was held to thank the 150 Bovis Lend Lease workers building the new Melbourne Recital Centre.
“We are thanking the construction team for their work so far and giving them a taste what this new music venue will be like,” Mr Theophanous said.
Acclaimed Australian composer and percussionist Graeme Leak, composed a new work, Percussion Construction Team, inspired by the sounds and rhythms of the construction site.
Graham and his team of three musicians, aided by three workers performed the piece ‘on-stage’ at Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, the 1000-seat centrepiece of the venue. Using tools of the trade – including jackhammers, angle grinders and power saws – they celebrated the development of the project.
Ms Kosky said she looked forward to opening the centre for business in 2009. “This is the first performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre, a new icon for Melbourne,” shesaid.
“The concert reflects what the Melbourne Recital Centre is all about – connecting our communities with great music. “Melbourne has traditionally had the strongest audiences for chamber and jazz music in Australia. The Melbourne Recital Centre will address a critical gap in Melbourne’s cultural infrastructure. It’s not just a venue, but an innovative and vibrant organisation that will bring an extraordinary array of music opportunities to Victorian audiences.”
The Recital Hall will be completely isolated from the ground and the surrounding buildingstructure. It will be enclosed in a 250mm thick concrete box, which is mounted on 38 large steel spring bearing units to provide high quality acoustics for musical performances.
Mr Theophanous said that nothing like this has been built in Australia before. “The fact that the project is progressing so well is a testament to the dedication of Bovis LendLease construction team,” he said. “This Hard Hat concert is an opportunity to thank those making it happen.”