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Bracks Government facelift for Princes Pier

Acting Premier, John Thwaites, today announced Princes Pier in Port Melbourne would be refurbished, with the Bracks Government committing an estimated $14 million to the project.
“The Pier represents an important part of Victoria’s heritage – particularly our wartime and immigration histories,” Mr Thwaites said.
“It was a departure point for Australian troops during the first and second World Wars and the first place of contact for thousands of post-War migrants.
“The refurbishment of the Pier will complement the fantastic development at Beacon Cove, which includes the new beach at the site.
“It also features cafes, 5 star restaurants, a medical centre, gymnasium, light rail direct to the city and a central port for cruise ships and passenger ferries.”
Mr Thwaites said the first 196 metres of the Pier would be fully restored.
“Beyond that the decking will be removed, with the original pylons being preserved. The cost of restoring the entire Pier would be prohibitive at an estimated $60 million,” he said.
“We have an exciting and viable plan which comprises a multipurpose waterfront venue and an accessible area for recreational boating.
“In addition, the majority of the piles from the demolished section will be retained as a heritage and sculptural centrepiece.”
“Also, there will be access for recreational boats to moor at the Pier.”
Restoration of the remaining Pier deck will include the replacement of defective timber piles and supports, a new concrete deck and lowered timber landings and moorings for recreational boats and ferries.
“I would like to thank the Beacon Cove Precinct Committee for their hard work in reaching this outcome,” he said.
The Committee comprised representatives from the State Government, City of Port Philip, Heritage Victoria and local residents.
The proposal is yet to gain heritage approval however the design has paid great attention to heritage obligations as the Pier is listed on the Heritage Victoria Register.
The final cost of the redevelopment will be confirmed once the tender process is finalised.