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AAMI Park Wins at International Engineering Awards

The stunning AAMI Park has won the Award for Sports or Leisure Structures at the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) Awards announced on Friday 5 November in London.

The awards noted that “the complete project beautifully demonstrates the fusion of form and function, showing how properly utilised, adventurous thinking linked to a clear understanding of basic structural principles can deliver real innovations”.


The judges also raved about the building, commenting that: 

“After the Sydney, Beijing and London Olympics, new Football Stadia in the USA, Wembley and other recent Club Grounds in the UK, we thought there could be no more new concepts; we were wrong.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium embodies daring structural thinking, precision in converting concept into details, modular construction and buildability, delivering a roof that is half the weight of any of its predecessors”.

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