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$8 Billion Bonanza For Major Projects Industry

More than $8 billion worth of investment is up for grabs at a development forum which brings together developers, suppliers and builders, the Minister for Major Projects, John Pandazopoulos said today.
“The Major Projects Forum is a demonstration of the vitality, the growth and the ongoing opportunities which major projects presents right across Victoria,” he said.
“This is about innovation, about jobs and about economic prosperity to be shared by all.
“This Government has committed around $2 billion to major projects ranging from Docklands to hospital and law court redevelopments and to high-speed rail link to regional centres,” he said.
A total of $8 billion worth of private and public sector development is earmarked or underway across the state, offering enormous opportunities, he said.
The forum, which is being held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, is organised by the Department of State and Regional Development and the Industrial Supplies Office. More than 800 companies have registered to attend.
Mr Pandazopoulos said the Bracks Government is determined to see that the benefits from major projects flow to all Victorians and that businesses of all sizes have an opportunity to participate in them.
“So far, we have seen tenderers for the redevelopment of the National Gallery of Victoria identify the proportion of that project that will go to local firms,” he said. “A similar requirement will apply when tenders are released for the new Collins Street extension.”
“This Government is all about obtaining value for money in its major project tendering.”
“This forum provides an important opportunity for the Industrial Supplies Office – which matches local manufacturers with local content – to provide those all important links for local suppliers.”
Mr Pandazopoulos said Australia’s manufacturing sector had never been more competitive in global terms.
“And Victoria remains Australia’s manufacturing heartland. This forum will ensure that smaller suppliers also stand to benefit from the state’s competitive edge and to contribute to that continued growth.”